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Doing the ironman grind

Wow where has the 6 weeks gone. I have been a bit slack keeping my training blogs up to date but the truth is I have been smashing myself in training in my quest to find my 1% improvements for IMWA, dealing with some issues around my son and more recently I got sick which has meant I had to slow done for a week and let my body recover.

As well as training some other exciting things have come to fruition. I am lucky enough that I get to work with a great companies that support my endeavours as a coach and athlete. These great companies are top in their field and can help anyone looking to be better athletes. Head across to the partners page on this website for more info. Ask me anything about how these companies may be able to assist you to make you a better athlete, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Seeing as I am writing about the last 6 weeks I am going to break it down into disciplines.


My aim has been to keep my milage up as I head towards IMNZ. Usually I aim to complete 10-15km per week with varied sets focused on aerobic endurance.


I really feel my bike is my strength but I am putting it a bit on the back burner to focus on my run. I will spend the majority of my bike sets on the indoor trainer or at Centennial Park (I am sure there will be the odd ride south or north as I seek out hills to fine tune myself) while I am to keep my fitness high enough to get through IMNZ in a fast time.


I have made the decision to focus on my run. I am putting in a bucket load of miles of varied terrains as IMNZ is a tough run I am going to need to be a strong to hold my pace and finish where I want need to to get another PB.


Every week I set aside time to work on my strength and core, with a race like IMWA you spend vast amounts of time in the aero position and the lower back takes an absolute beating. I combat this by following a program I have that incorporates all over body whilst targeting these fatigue points. I am feeling really strong but there will be no let up over the next 6 weeks.


Lets be honest this has gone too well these past few weeks especially. So many little things have been happening that has seen me eating and drinking a little bit too much. Whilst the scales are not saying anything different the result is more bloating and I hate this uncomfortable feeling. I always set aside the last 6 weeks before my "A" race that i do not consume alcohol and drastically reduce the other good stuff I like to consume. This allows me to concentrate just on my training and lean up for race day.

Here are the stats for the past month:

  • Swim: 59,900m

  • Bike: 1,618km

  • Run: 301 km

  • Training Time: 102.56 hours

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