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Whether you are new to cycling and need to be taught how to ride or a seasoned cyclist looking to improve we have options for you.


All cyclists are different, some have an abundance of confidence and want to ride faster to improve their race times, whilst others come to us to learn how to ride a bike with clip on shoes, transition to a bike with clip on bars or even a time trial bike.

We have partnered with 99 Bikes Stanmore so that all our athletes can keep their bikes well serviced, buy all the gear they could ever need, upgrade their bikes when required as well as have a place where professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none.

We have also partnered with Sydney's premier bike fitting company where all the professionals go. Ryan from 3D BikeFit will set you up on your bike so that you are comfortable and maximising your potential to go fast. This essential service is a must for any athlete looking to extract their true potential on the bike that will enable them to run to the best of their ability.

We offer a variety of training plans to suit your needs and budget, these programs are administered on an ongoing basis to make sure they develop as your training and performances improve.

How much it costs

1on1 Coaching

  • Beginning cycle coaching - $150 for 3 sessions

Personalised Training Plan

  • Prices on enquiry

  • Training Peaks account required

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