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Through my extensive experience and track record helping people of all levels achieve their running goals I will formulate a personalised running training program for you to meet your running goals.

We can help prepare you for races such as 5km, 10km, half marathons, marathons and of course running within a triathlon of all levels.

After completing our questionnaire or having a face to face meeting we will work together to plan out SMART goals based on your running background, current fitness levels and goals.

All our programs are delivered via Training Peaks, you will be able to communicate with me via this tool as well as I will be able to see all data uploaded, adjust where necessary and be in regular contact regarding your progress.

If you would like more information about the run coaching we provide or simply how we can help you become a better runner simply contact us today.

How much it costs

1on1 Coaching

  • Run technique coaching - $140 per session

  • Track sessions (excluding entry) - $20 per person

Personalised Training Plan

  • Prices on enquiry

  • Training Peaks account required

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