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Improve your swim, improve your triathlon result​


Swimming is often the most forgotten, under trained and therefore the weakest leg for many triathletes. Swimming needn't be your weakest leg, boring or even daunting. Having a good swim won’t win your race, but it will certainly set you up for a good race. Coming out of the water in a triathlon feeling good means you can put some serious effort into the bike and run.

Like all training the more your do it the stronger and more confident you get and our coaches have helped many triathletes, some who couldn't swim 50m, successfully complete triathlons of all levels.


Through our partner BondiFit Dolphins we provide coaching for all levels of triathlon swimming. Swim options include: regular pool sessionsocean & surf swim sessions, stroke improvement & correction as well as swim clinics.

Need help with your swimming contact us today and let us show you how much fun swimming can be.

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