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Coaching Programs

When an athlete decides to join the BPM Multisport team we sit down and discuss candidly what it is they are seeking from the coaching relationship and the goals they have, what they are prepared to do and how realistic they are in the short and long term.


We take the necessary time to understand them as a person, their sporting history, current level of skill, fitness and ability so that we can develop the most suitable training program for them and their goals.


By understanding the individual of who they are as an athlete and their strengths and weaknesses as well as the many outside factors that can affect them, it is only then that you can truly craft the right program that well thought through, is planned for them to obtain their goal yet flexible enough to handle the curveballs as they happen.

Training plans for each 4 week block (done in 2 week increments) are provided via Training Peaks This, along with regular review of your captured date, your feedback and the discussions we have allow us to provide you anm adaptable plan that best suits your needs, specific races and goals as well as giving us the data to analyse so that we can adjust accordingly.

As your coach we believe we need to communicate with you to coach you. We place no restriction on how you contact us in regards to your coaching and will always get back to you. We will hold face to face meetings with you where possible or use the available technology to have our chats.

What we offer
  • Periodised training and race plan for your season taking into account your strengths and weaknesses and based on your goals and training objectives

  • Training program delivered via Training Peaks and based on your individual needs and feedback

  • Ongoing review and performance testing

  • Training and race file Power, HR and Pace analysis utilising Training Peaks

  • Training zones for swim, bike and run based on Power, HR or Pace

  • Race nutrition and pacing strategies for your goal races as well as the knowledge to help you optimise your nutrition in training

  • Technique and skill development through proven drills and feedback

  • Advice on selecting the best equipment for you and your budget

  • Integrated core strength programs targeting your individual weaknesses

  • For Sydney based athletes, regular face to face contact, interstate and international we use skype and email

  • Training weekends/camps

  • Cycle technique coaching

  • Run technique coaching

  • Swim stroke correction

  • Personal training and strength programs

How much it costs

Fully personalised coaching service​

  • Prices on enquiry

  • Training Peaks account required

Shared or Group training programs

  • Please enquire for pricing 

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