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Our Partners

Infinit Nutrition

Simplicity is what makes Infinit Nutrition so awesome. Drink 1 serve per hour and that is your whole nutrition plan, giving you time to concentrate on racing and getting the best out or yourself.


We love working with athletes from all different sports. We have mountain bikers, runners, ultra marathoners, triathletes, swimmers, race car drivers and motocross riders. You name it and we have done their nutrition plans. All the way from Olympians down to back of the packers and we love it. Everyone is having a crack and everyone is doing their best. Some of the feedback that we get is amazing and that’s why we love our job so much.

Call us today and lets chat about how we can tailor your nutritional needs so that you can maximise your potential in your next race.

Discount code: BPM

99 Bikes Stanmore

We have partnered with 99 Bikes Stanmore so that all our athletes can keep their bikes well serviced, buy all the gear they could ever need, upgrade their bikes when required as well as have a place where professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none.

Visit 99 bikes Stanmore today and speak to one of their friendly staff about anything to do with bikes. Be sure to mention my name and they will always look after you.

Discount code: Simply mention BPM Multisport or Brad Martens and the team will look after you

Call John or one of his friendly staff on (02) 9017 9199.

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Zone3 Australia

Not many wetsuits live up to the hype but zone3 have certainly hit the mark with their range of wetsuits and triathlon apparel.

When I was provided the opportunity to test the zone 3 vanquish wetsuit I was blown away by the fit, buoyancy, how great it felt but importantly how fast I was when swimming in it.

It was clear zone3 had done their homework in producing these great wetsuits. The suits are tough and even after 12 months of use I do not have a single knick, it zips shut to make you feel nice and snug and not have those gaping areas that slow you down. Say good by to neck chafe because you will not chafe with this wetsuit.

I cannot recommend highly enough these great wetsuits but do not take my word for it, contact me and lets arrange a test wetsuit for you to try. I promise you that you will not consider any other brand once you have tried the zone3.


Contact BPM Multisport and we can put you in touch with our supplier.

1.fisiocrem_PRIMARY LOGO (solugel, tagli

fisiocrem solugel is a massage cream containing natural herbal ingredients traditionally used for temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. For fisiocrem, care is about more than the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. Through our ongoing support of everyday athletes, events and organisations, we are creating a movement that not only fosters physical healing, but also mental well-being. In this way, we demonstrate our commitment to support the lifelong well-being of the entire community.

Xtreme Carbon

Xtreme Carbon knows that triathletes and time trialists are real cyclists and have specific performance requirements that are not designed for in a set of road wheels. These are increased aerodynamic performance by decreasing the aerodynamic drag, the maximisation of angular momentum, and straight line performance are real issues for triathletes and time trialists. That’s why Xtreme Carbon wheels provide the greatest aerodynamic advantage on the market.

Put simply if you want a super fast wheel then look no further than Xtreme Carbon Wheels.

Mention BPM Multisport or my name when purchasing your wheels and the team will look after you.

3D Bike Fit

3D Bike Fit is Sydney's premier bike fitting company where all the professionals go.


3D Bike Fit principal Ryan Williams has over 23 years’ experience in road racing, time-trialing and triathlon. His experience and passion for the sport brings a completely new dimension to the Retul 3D Bike Fit process.


3D Bike Fit use the latest technology from Retul to ensure that cyclists, triathletes and mountain bikers maximise their performance, both on and off the bike.

Retul’s 3D infrared motion sensors enable us to track and record your body dynamics in real time. The data gathered is far more sophisticated and accurate than that provided via traditional two-dimensional and static-fit technique observations, enabling changes to be made to your fit that are specific to your biomechanical movements. 

The outcome is a bike fit to the custom needs of your body and your biomechanics – and not the other way around.

Mention BPM Multisport or my name when booking your fit.

Titan Performance Group

Titan Performance Group delivers quality products with efficiency and satisfaction at an unsurpassed level. Titan Performance Group are committed to providing you with a unique, personal and positive experience. Priding themselves on delivering a dynamic, responsive and enthusiastic customer experience. By bringing our own experience, positive values and beliefs into the world of business we can articulate and deliver the provision of top quality goods and services coupled with a 'signature service' like no other.

✅Custom Design
✅No Minimum Order
✅Free Graphic Design Service
✅Italian, Swiss & French Fabrics
✅Online Team Store
✅Expert Customer Service
✅Designed in Australia, Global Reach
✅Real People Doing Real Things.

Discount code: BPM15

Pace Athletic

Pace Athletic knows running and what it takes to find the right shoe for the individual to match their running needs. Finding the right shoe can make all the difference to your training - it will work with your natural biomechanics, boosting running efficiency, maximising comfort and support, but more importantly reducing the risk of injury.

Discount code: Simply mention BPM Multisport or Brad Martens and the team will look after you

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