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I'm back and firing

After last weeks push to get my mind focused on preparing for Busso and a successful first attempt at the Calga TT I hit my training with renewed vigour and had a great week.

This week is a designated long run week in my program so I started with a leisurely 21km at an easy pace. I really felt good during this run.

On Tuesday I hit the trainer and did hill repeats on Box hill on the London course on Zwift. Zwift has made me really love training on the trainer despite how hard it is. Off the bike and ran a nice 6km run at whatever pace I fall into.

More ran meant more time on the trainer and as I was meant to do a long ride outdoors I hit the trainer for a few hours and knocked out 72km. The thing about the trainer as you do not get any rest, you have to keep pedalling to keep it moving so I always find my legs ache for hours after each ride. Off the bike and an easy 3km run.

Tonight I coached CanToo and my group and really progressing nicely. They always try really hard and the improvement is beyond my expectations. I really believe they will have a great race at the progression they are all showing.

I finish off my day with an hour in the pool and a nice 4.2km.

Thursday and more rain so more time on the trainer but thank god its easing off so I can get my track session done tonight. At track I did a mixture of 1200, 800, 600, 400, 200 and finished off with a nice 10km of efforts. Since bring track back into my schedule I have found my run speed has increased for the first time in a very long time.

Friday arrives and a big day is planned. I start the day with swim squad, I follow swim with my first run of the day. Then its back home and onto the trainer to do a quick threshold set with a run off the bike. I finish my day off with some weights and core work and cooked my wife dinner with a nice bottle of win.

Saturday means CanToo long run day. I always arrive early and recon the course. The group today is running 2.5km out and back for 5km total so I go out and mark the turnaround point and get some extra run time in. Breakfast with the crew and then home to spend some time with my wife.

I finish the week off with a rest day and spend some quality time with my kids.

Whilst not the biggest week of distance and time it was a quality week and my mind was positive all week. I am pretty sure I am back and firing.

The weeks stats:

  • Swim: 7,500m

  • Bike: 184km

  • Run: 74.7 km

  • Training Time: 14.5 hours

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