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Massive week on the bike

Its long ride week and I have a massive week on the bike planned. I see weeks like this as critical to the success of my training. You can really gain a lot of confidence and fitness from weeks like this and while busso is still 3 months away my goals are very big and I am of the belief that to succeed in obtaining them you need to put in.


I start the week off 2.5hrs holding 200w average which worked out to be 85.6km, I found this quite difficult as I haven't spent a huge amount of time on the TT and certainly not that long in the TT position. I followed up this ride with 5km run off the bike.


Back on the bike with some hill work with Coxy covering 35.7km and a quick run off the bike. Riding with Coxy is always a challenge the guy is as light as a feather and simply smashes up the hills and then has to wait me for me at the top.


Started the morning with a squad swim, I worked hard for the 3300m today but so glad I saved my legs for my ride. Todays ride was to Corrimal and back via Bulli Pass. I was a little worried about getting back in time but I need not have worried. What I can tell you is riding down Bulli Pass is amazing but OMG riding up it was hard work. My legs were screaming at the effort required to cover the 4km that has some serious elevation. Once at the top it is literally a downhill run all the way to Rockdale and my client and I simply smashed it. A great ride of 131km was achieved and while I was knackered I am thrilled at the pace and endurance for such a ride.

Wednesday night was finished off with CanToo coaching, today I barked orders while they ran.


Heavily reduced day today. All that I planned was a trainer set of 20km doing 1min efforts and a quick run off the bike. The reason for this is the legs are sore and the back end of the week will be quite heavy.


Back to Centennial Park for some more TT work. Todays ride consisted of a ride, run and then a ride. I am doing this to test myself under fatigue. My first ride was 1.5hrs which was 49.5km, followed by a lap of CP (4km) and then back on the bike for 20mins (11km). Perhaps not the toughest of workouts but I found my legs were left wanting.


As usual Saturday is my CanToo day. I got up early and marked the course and ran 12km. I then ran with my team while they covered an undulating 8km course. We found ourselves being swamped by the local parkrun runners but my team took it in their stride and handled the undulating course with ease. After breakfast with them I head to the pool and swam an easy 3200m.


Last ride of the week and today I rode with flanno and zsolt. Flanno is a little underdone after a month living the good life on holiday. Flanno has on more than one occasion dragged me along after we have flogged the pace on a ride. Today it was my turn to give back.

Our aim was to ride 50km out and back... heading out towards Helensburg we were motoring along at just under 28km/h, at the 50km point we turned and let rip with Flanno hanging on as best he could. We came home with an average of 29km/h. The thing about Flanno that whilst he is underdone not once did he ask us to slow down, he just puts his head down and grinds it out.

To say I am thrilled with this weeks efforts would be an understatement. One thing I need to do is up my swim time and I plan to do this over the coming weeks.

The weeks stats:

  • Swim: 6,500m

  • Bike: 433km

  • Run: 33.4 km

  • Training Time: 20.12 hours

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